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Books about Tai Chi

1. Tai Chi Internal SecretsOpens in a new window, by Doc-Fai Wong and Jane Hallander.

2. Advanced Secrets of Tai Chi Chuan: Teachings of Grandmaster Doc-Fai WongOpens in a new window, by Edward J. Calph.

3. Anatomy of Yang Family Tai ChiOpens in a new windowby Steffan de Graffenried.

4. Tai-Chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret TransmissionsOpens in a new window, by Douglas Wile.

5. The Tai Chi ClassicsOpens in a new window, by Barbara Davis.

6. Ultimate Guide to Tai Chi, by John Little and Curtis Wong.

7. The Essence of Tijiquan Push-Hands and Fighting Technique, by Wang Feng Ming.