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Tai Chi and Chi Kung

IMG_0389Tai Chi is an internal martial art which has been practiced around the world for centuries. Its graceful forms reflect the early Taoist’s recognition of the body as a microcosm of the natural world, which when properly tended, offers its treasures to all without distinction. The origins of Tai Chi practice lie in the monasteries and temples of China, where Buddhist monks and Taoist priests studied the movements of animals and the solar system, and expressed the fruits of their insights in exercises designed to build strength and increase longevity.

It was soon recognized that Tai Chi (tr. "Grand Ultimate") practitioners developed a level of strength and prowess that could be honed into formidable fighting skills. Tai Chi was also recognized to be a powerful healing art. Numerous studies have proven Tai Chi’s effectiveness as a means of maintaining health and treating illness. Most important of all may be Tai Chi’s beneficial effects on the spirit and mind: Tai Chi practice improves focus, concentration and attention, and can bring practitioners closer to a state of inner calm.


If you use your mind in tai chi
your power will flow everywhere
with no blockage.
You will look like a jumping bird,
like a dragon fly.

- Poem written by Pu Ru for Master Guo,
teacher of Chi Kung Master Peng-Si Yu

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese healing art. The many Chi Kung systems practiced today have their origins in 3000-year-old exercises designed to promote internal energy through breathing and meditation. Through attention to breath, relaxed movement and standing or sitting postures Chi Kung develops strength and relaxation and improves circulation throughout the body. Chi Kung also improves body awareness, and increases the capacity to recognize and benefit from the energy of our emotions.