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Health Benefits

restorative2Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art appreciated widely for its power, beauty and benefits for health. It is a form of Chi Kung ("breath practice"), which uses relaxed, flowing movement and meditation to develop strength and improve circulation throughout the body.  Tai Chi can be enjoyed by people of all ages and provides great health benefits to the weak and the strong.

Tai Chi/ Chi Kung's circulatory, immunological, cardiovascular, muscular-skeletal and psychological benefits have been scientifically proven, and are becoming more widely recognized as Tai Chi research continues.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are well-known as highly effective and enjoyable means of stress management.  Regular practice provides the cardiovascular benefits of a moderate aerobic exercise program. These benefits result from the state of relaxation in which Tai Chi/Chi Kung movements are performed. Unlike western forms of aerobic exercise, which improve cardiovascular health through elevation of heart rate, Tai Chi and Chi Kung improve cardiovascular health by decreasing levels of physical and emotional tension which lead to vascular constriction. One might say that while western aerobic work-outs remediate internal "plumbing problems" using the "toilet plunger approach," Tai Chi and Chi Kung work by gradually enlarging constricted "internal pipelines."

Specific health problems known to respond favorably to Tai Chi/Chi Kung practice include arthritis, osteoporosis, trauma and stress related illnesses, chronic pain or fatigue, anxiety and depression, addictions, digestive problems and illnesses associated with poor circulation or weak immune system function. Stop by our office for more specific information on the many health benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice.