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Therapeutic Stretching/StretchFit™ Method

Ashley Osier teaches Therapeutic Stretching/StretchFit classes at White Magnolia on Fridays from 10:15-11:45.   There is a $20 per class fee.  Her classes are open to the public; membership is not required.

Ashley received her MA in Holistic Health Education, emphasizing somatic psychology. During this time she also studied at the Acupressure Institute and received multiple certifications in Stress Management, Acupressure and Massage, Women's Health, and Acu-Yoga. It was at this time that she was introduced to Tai Chi by one of her Traditional Chinese Medicine instructors, Brian O'Dea. His joyful presentation and passion for using Tai Chi as a healing modality for wellness was instrumental in motivating Ashley to pursue Tai Chi practice when rehabilitating from an injury. She studied Tai Chi further at Concord Kung Fu Academy and at White Magnolia Tai Chi School and was inspired to integrate the subtle movement principles of Tai Chi into her micro-stretching and fitness system, called StretchFitTM.

Combining acu-yoga, pilates, tai chi, posture therapy, and therapeutic stretching, the techniques she has developed allow the body to stretch and strengthen safely while correcting discrepancies in the muscular and skeletal systems. After seventeen years in practice, she is still passionate about healing and wellness and loves encouraging others with what she has learned.

Ashley resides in Northern California with her husband and two children and has an office in Pleasant Hill offering Therapeutic Posture and Exercise, Stress Management Counseling, Therapeutic Bodywork, and Nutritional Coaching.

Contact Information:

Phone: (925) 864 - 3114