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IMG_0510The greatest treasure we share at White Magnolia is our deep understanding of the transformative internal subtleties of tai chi practice. We share this understanding and at the same time pay careful attention to establishing solid foundations for Tai Chi practice. Our curriculum, developed by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong to enable deep and complete mastery of tai chi practice, guides us in our instruction.

At White Magnolia you will learn the 108-movement traditional Yang style Tai Chi form. You will begin with shorter forms which can be learned in a few months’ time and which increase gradually in level of difficulty. In these forms Tai Chi movements are practiced in varying contexts, so that Tai Chi is experienced from the get-go as a living language of body, heart, mind and spirit. In intermediate and advanced level classes you deepen your experience of the subtleties of tai chi practice though push hands practice, traditional tai chi weapon and two-person forms. Weapon forms taught at White Magnolia include Tai Chi sword, saber, fan, cane, and flute.

correctionIn our Regular Tai Chi Chuan/ Chi Kung classes, you learn all of the elements of Tai Chi practice. If you wish you may formally advance through the Plum Blossom Federation martial arts ranking program. You may also attend special seminars taught by Grandmaster Wong, prepare to participate in martial arts tournaments, or participate in our instructor training program.

Our special Restorative Chi Kung/Tai Chi classes are oriented to the needs of those recovering from injury or illness. Here we teach gentle exercises which can be learned by almost anyone, even if you use a wheelchair. Tai Chi movements are modified so that you can use them to correct balance problems and increase strength, circulation and endurance. These classes are also an excellent way to prepare for or begin in our regular Tai Chi Chuan/ Chi Kung program.

vstanceAt White Magnolia instruction in Chi Kung is integrated into our Tai Chi program: each Tai Chi class begins with a period of Chi Kung practice. Beginners learn the widely-loved Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade medical Chi Kung exercises and the meditative I Chuan Chi Kungi movements and postures. Advanced students learn the ancient, rigorous and inspiring Eighteen Lohan Chi Kung form.