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grandmasterWhite Magnolia Tai Chi School is a member school of the Plum Blossom International Federation of Choy Li Fut/Tai Chi, headed by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong (pictured at left) of San Francisco.  The Plum Blossom International Federation has over one hundred schools world-wide. Branch schools are located throughout the US, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Philippines and Tahiti.

Grandmaster Wong was a disciple of Tai Chi Master Hu Yuen-Chou, a closed-door (close student taught privately) student of the renowned Tai Chi Master Yang Cheng-Fu, grandson ofYang Lu-Chan, the founder of Yang family style tai chi.

Grandmaster Wong studied Chi Kung under Professor Peng-Si Yu (1902-1983), a Heidelberg-trained medical doctor and renowned medical Chi Kung practitioner who spent his last years here in the Bay Area teaching and participating in medical research at Stanford University. After Professor Yu’s death Grandmaster Wong continued his Chi Kung training under Professor Yu’s wife and Master assistant, Min-Ou Yang.

Miriam Marsolais received her initial Tai Chi/ Chi Kung instruction from Sifu David Dong and Sifu Yadollah Moghaddam, two of Grandmaster Wong’s senior students. She continues her training currently at Grandmaster Wong’s studio in San Francisco.

Please click here for a video of Gramdmaster Doc-Fai Wong demonstrating tai chi push hands.

Other Federation Schools

Listed below are Plum Blossom Federation schools with Tai Chi programs in the USA and Canada.  For schools worldwide please visit


San Francisco:

Doc-Fai Wong Martial Arts Center
World Headquarters of
The Plum Blossom Federation
Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong
Sifu Jason Wong

Marin: Shaolin Martial Arts CenterSifu Munzer Dajani

San Rafael: San Rafael Martial ArtsSifu Terrance Thornton

Albany: Golden Lion Martial Arts CenterSifu David Dong

Concord: Concord Kung Fu AcademySifu Evelina Lengyel

Fair Oaks: Eastern Ways Martial Arts SchoolsTai-Sifu Alan Hubbard

San Diego: White Dragon Martial Art SchoolsMaster Nathan Fisher

Oregon and Washington

Lyons, Oregon: Willamette Valley Tai ChiDwight Campbell

Bremerton, Washington: Twin Tigers Martial ArtsSifu Vernon Miller

Seattle: White Snake Choy Li Fut & Tai Chi ChuanDavid Akrish


Minneapolis: Chinatown Tai Chi ChuanSifu Phyllis Calph


Golden Eagle Martial Arts CenterSifu - Steffan de Graffenried

Flying Eagle Academy of Martial ArtsSifu - Jamie Hooper


Winnipeg: Plum Blossom School of Martial ArtsDr. Neil McRitchie and Simo Peggy McRitchie Winnipeg