IMG_0364White Magnolia Tai Chi School is a place for students of all ages and abilities to learn     Internal Martial Arts:  Tai Chi, Chi Kung,            Push Hands, and Meditation.  Our students come from all over the East Bay, including Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond, Albany, Emeryville and Oakland. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Miriam Marsolais, White Magnolia is a member school of the Plum Blossom International Federation of Choy Li Fut/ Tai Ch.  At White Magnolia you will find a peaceful place to practice in the company of supportive colleagues. We are located in Kensington ten minutes from the University of California at Berkeley.

We offer a complete Tai Chi/ Chi Kung training program, which includes stretching, stance training, meditation and Push Hands practice, as well as Tai Chi hand and weapon forms and martial applications.  Our instruction balances rigorous attention to building strength, alignment and external power with mindful cultivation of awareness of the transformative internal subtleties of Tai Chi practice.  In our program you will learn effective and enjoyable techniques for stress management, and will receive many other health benefits.  Our senior instructors also teach Tai Chi and Chi Kung at San Quentin State Prison.

IMG_0363Members of the White Magnolia community also offer classes in Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) and Stretching and host free monthly Wellness Events.   We invite you to visit our blog and share in the life of our practice community.  You might especially enjoy our Practice Tips page.